Downtown District

Visit historic downtown Powder Springs, where you’ll find the best mix of desirable amenities and a hometown atmosphere.

Our charming, walkable downtown features historic shops and neighborhoods to free yourself from the hustle and bustle of city life. Come visit our new town square featuring Thurman Springs Park, where you can bring your family for a picnic or attend a concert at Hardy Family Automotive Amphitheater. You’ll find local retailers surrounding the town square, many of which are longstanding in the community. Spend your day shopping for unique gifts including outdoor gear, books, consignment clothing and home décor.

Downtown Powder Springs is home to plentiful opportunities for outdoor activity. The central business district is just a short walk from the famous Silver Comet Trail, a fully paved mixed-use trail extending from Georgia to Alabama – perfect for a day of bike riding. The Silver Comet Trail also connects to the city’s own Lucille Trail and Wildhorse Trail creating a robust trail network all within our city. Moreover, just across Marietta Street is Powder Springs Park containing ball fields, playgrounds, and picnic areas.

We’re inspired by our past in Powder Springs. For our history buffs, Seven Springs Museum at the Historic Bodiford House on Marietta Street details the robust history of our town dating back to the 1800s. Powder Springs is also home to the Southern Quilt Trail, with many pieces accessible on our historic downtown buildings, including the old Country Store of Seven Springs.

Whether you’re in the mood for a shopping spree, recreation, or a family outing, downtown Powder Springs has something for everyone.

Map of Entertainment District boundaries in downtown

Entertainment District

Enjoy the outdoors with your alcoholic beverage in downtown’s Entertainment District! The Entertainment District boundaries were adopted in 2019 and include retailers and restaurants fronting Marietta Street along with Thurman Springs Park.   Visitors may purchase a drink at a local retailer for carry-out so long as a few rules are followed:

(1) Any establishment within the boundaries of an entertainment district licensed to dispense alcoholic beverages by the drink for consumption on the premises is authorized to dispense an alcoholic beverage in a paper or plastic cup, and in no other type of open container, for removal from the premises: provided, however, that no establishment shall dispense to any person more than one (1) such open container of alcoholic beverage at a time for removal from the premises.

(2) No person shall remove at one (1) time more than one (1) open container of alcoholic beverage from the licensed premises.

(3) No open container in which an alcoholic beverage is dispensed and removed from the licensed premises within an entertainment district shall exceed sixteen (16) fluid ounces in size.

(4) No person shall hold in possession on the streets and sidewalks, in parks and squares, or in other public places within an entertainment district any open container of alcoholic beverage that exceeds sixteen (16) fluid ounces in size.

Read the full entertainment district code here.

Downtown Parking

Visitors to our downtown will find plentiful parking right next to their favorite stores, Thurman Springs Park, and the Silver Comet Trail. The best part? All parking downtown is free!

If you’re planning to stay 3 hours or less, feel free to park in the pink spots designated on the map. These are located directly surrounding the park, as well as a lot next-door to shops on Marietta Street. These restrictions are in place 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Planning a day trip? The blue lots designated on the map are also conveniently located to everything you’ll want to see. There are no time limits in these lots (other than no overnight parking), so join us all day!


Map of Downtown Powder Springs parking
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