In spring 2021, the City of Powder Springs partnered with Goodr to help families in need during the COVID-19 pandemic. The partnership produced a series of five popup grocery stores throughout March and April. The series kicked-off on March 4 with a successful grocery popup for over 200 families. Additional events were held on March 25, April 9, 22, and 29.

The popup grocery stores offered families 7-10 days’ worth of shelf-stable items, meats, dairy/non-dairy milk, and fresh produce through a full-service drive-thru experience. Goodr staff delivered the groceries directly to cars, ensuring social distancing measures were met while saving time for busy families.¬†

Statistics from Goodr x Powder Springs pop up grocery store events

 Throughout the five events, over 40,000 meals were provided to about 1000 families across the city, totaling 40,000 pounds of food. Additional food was provided to United Methodist Church of Powder Springs led by the Rev. Roger Vest.

The city utilized CARES Act funding to host the events at Powder Springs Park allowing residents to pick up much needed groceries at no cost. 

About Goodr: Goodr is a food recovery and distribution company that leverages technology to combat hunger and reduce food waste. Goodr partners with companies to organize popup grocery stores and grocery delivery for families facing food insecurity. Since March of 2020, Goodr is responsible for providing over 10 million meals to people in need.

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