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Spring to your new site in Powder Springs!

Our proactive economic development team is poised to work with your business for its long term success. If your company or client is looking to relocate operations, establish an additional facility or expand an existing business in Powder Springs, we want to be your partner in this effort. You can count on us to be your 1-stop shop, resource, and advocate in Powder Springs, as well as your liaison to contacts, programs, and services offered at the county and state level.


The amenities and services the city provides create a friendly climate that makes Powder Springs a special place to call home. In this community, the potential for your business is limited only by your imagination!


Explore our inventory of undeveloped properties by clicking on the link to our mapping tool below. Clicking on the menu items at the bottom of the tool drills down to the property on the map and panning or clicking on the parcels on the map updates the list on the left. You can also scroll and click the list to drill down to a property on the map – multiple list entries occur where a property comprises of multiple parcels. Additionally, the spring green links drive to infographic data reports.

Begin your search today! Contact us via email using the contact box. We’re eager to assist and help your business call Powder Springs home.

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