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Demographic Information

  • Population, 2019: 15,758
  • Population change since 2010: +13.01%
  • Households, 2015 – 2019: 5,125
  • Median household income (Adjusted to 2019 Dollars), 2015 – 2019: $69,807
  • Owner-occupied housing unit rate, 2015-2019: 77.7%
  • Median value of owner-occupied housing units, 2015-2019: $167,500
  • Median gross rent, 2015 -2019: $1,244
  • Population by Race, 2019:
    • Black or African American Alone: 55.9%
    • White Alone: 33.3%
    • Hispanic or Latino: 15.2%
    • Asian Alone: 1.3%
    • Population by Age and Gender:
    • Persons under age 5 years: 7.4%
    • Persons under age 18 years: 24.9%
    • Persons 65 years and over: 13.3%
    • Female persons: 55.6%

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2019 Estimates



Cover of brochure with group of people at a groundbreaking

We make it easy for you to call Powder Springs home!

We encourage prospective businesses and developers as well as current businesses looking to expand or relocate to check our our Development & Incentive Guidebook. Locating in Powder Springs provides opportunities for local and state incentives, low taxes, proximity to major interstates and airports, and a high quality of life.

Some of our incentives include:

  • One-Stop-Shop for zoning and permitting
  • Downtown Development financing and incentives
  • Historic Preservation incentives
  • Citywide Development incentives
  • Enterprise Zone

We also encourage you to view the 2021 Business Incentives Brochure from our colleagues at the Georgia Department of Economic Development. The brochure lists additional state-level incentives that may be available for new and expanding businesses.

Georgia Named ‘Top State for Doing Business’ for 7th Consecutive Year

There’s a reason why Georgia has been named the ‘Top State for Doing Business’ 7 years and counting. Georgia offers businesses a high quality of life and land availability while keeping expenses low.

From the Georgia Department of Economic Development article:

“Area Development’s 2020 Top States for Doing Business results reflect the rankings that states receive based on weighted scores in the following categories: overall cost of doing business, cooperative and responsive state government, favorable regulatory environment, business incentives, workforce development programs, competitive labor environment, speed of permitting, logistics and infrastructure, available real estate, energy availability and costs, site readiness programs, corporate tax environment, and access to capital and projects. Georgia ranked No. 1 in 10 of the thirteen categories and placed in the top five in the other three categories.”

Icon that says Georgia named Top State for Business 7 years in a row
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